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39.990.Ft.- felett szállítási költség jóváírása!

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38 Készleten Budapest 25.900 Ft Kosárba tesz
41 Készleten Budapest 25.900 Ft Kosárba tesz

Product Description

Epic Grindshoes present the Epic Stomper, a hi-top grindshoe that includes extra ankle support for added security when sliding. The Epic Stomper also includes TPU Welding protection against scuffs to ensure a longer life, and this combines with high-quality real suede leather and a reinforced toe to keep your feet safe in a long-lasting, high-quality shoe – This ain’t no cheap gimmick, this is the real deal. Premium quality, damage-resistant comfort. Epic Grindshoes are designed to make everything more fun. Whilst most shoes may be good for walking or running, Epic Grindshoes can be used to grind rails, ledges, and more.
Combine walking, running, freerunning, or any other sport with slides - or be an innovative leader of a whole new sport, Freeslide. Why walk when you can grind?